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Posoh Mawawnew Weyak!

It is back to school time!  Wow!

Welcome families, new Kindergarten students and all new students and family members.   I can’t wait to see families and visit at Open House on August 25th from 10:00 to 6:00 p.m.  I so excited to see the school children on the first day!

Waewaenen Ms. Kateri for organizing summer school, the Animal Kingdom theme was fun.

Welcome new staff:

ü  Mrs.  Amy VanSchyndel - Dean of Students, PBIS, attendance and transportation.

ü  Michelle Mahkimetas-Kurkiewicz – 4th Grade Teacher.

ü  Mrs. Janelle Schroeder – 5th Grade Teacher.

ü  Ms. Miranda Fink-3rd Grade Teacher. 

Back to school tips:

1.  Re-Establish School Routines.

·         Use the last few weeks of summer to get into a school-day rhythm.

·         Have your child practice getting up and getting dressed at the same time every morning.

2.  Nurture Independence.

·         Once the classroom door shuts, you will want your child to manage things on his own.

·         Get ready by talking ahead of time to your children about responsibilities.

·         This might include organizing his school materials and bringing home homework.

3.  Create a Launch Pad.

·         Avoid those last-minute scrambles in the morning by designating a spot where school things like backpacks, shoes and homework always go.

4.  Set up a time and place for homework.

·         Head off daily battles by making homework part of your child’s everyday routine.

5.  After-School plans.

·         School gets out before most working parents get home, so it’s important to figure out where your children will go or who will be home in the afternoons.

6.  Attend school orientations to meet and greet.

·         These are good opportunities for you to meet the key players in your child’s life.  Your child’s teachers, school counselors, the principle, and the front desk staff.

7.  Talk to the teachers.

Ask about their approach of homework. Ask for the dates of tests and large assignments so you can help your child plan accordingly.

8.  Make it a family affair; together you and your child can plan for success in school.

·         Sit down with your child to create a routine list or chart.

·         Ask your child what they should do first when they first get home from school?

     i.  Play outside or do homework?

·         Deciding together will give kids ownership and the more likely they will follow it.

Back to School Events for your calendar:

  • Mandatory back to School Open House - August 25th 10:00-6:00p.m.

  • Student first day of school is Monday August 29, 2016.

ü  Get your school forms filled out early, this will avoid waiting. 

ü  School forms are available on MTS school website.

ü  Athletes don’t forget your sports physical.



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