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  Technology Vision Statement
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We envision using technology to further a learning community where:
Students are enthusiastically engaged in thoughtful, risk-taking, hands-on learning. They are as comfortable using technology as they are reading a book, listening to music, or watching a movie. Student take more responsibility for their own educaitonal success.
  Teachers will be provided with ongoing professional development in the use of technology. Teacher use technology in support of learning in an innovative, creative, and effiecient manner. They function as coachers, mentors, advocates, and managers of information. All teachers have the knowledge, skill, and time to integrate technology into a challenging and interdisciplinary curriculum addressing students specific needs and learning styles.
  Automation and efficiency allow more of the school system's energy and activity to be focused on student education.
  The school becomes an environment where students and school personnel have ready access to software tools and applications.The outcome is that knowledgable support staff, information, and external resources further the curriculm goals.

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